October, Sweet October

Ah, Autumn.  My favorite season! Also home to my second favorite holiday: Halloween.  I love to decorate in all things autumnal and this year was extra exciting as I have a mantle to decorate!


The burnt oranges.


The toasty browns.


The accents of yellow and red.

A little Pinterest inspired creepiness for good measure.


Really, how can you go wrong?

And just for fun,  I’ll throw in some English teacher goodness and share my classroom door.

Quoth the raven “Nevermore”.

Happy October all!


Oh What a Change!

Remember that TV show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition?  Or maybe, like me, you’re a fan of HGTV’s Fixer Upper? My absolute favorite–okay maybe one of my favorite–parts of that show is the big reveal.  It’s always so dramatic when they move the bus or pull apart the giant cards to reveal a totally different look for the house.  And a lot of times, that look starts with new paint.

Our new home is a 1930ish Cape Cod style home. We know, because we’ve talked with people who knew the original homeowners, that it has always been white. I also know that my husband HATES a white house so changing the color was always part of the plan.


It’s a cute house, no doubt.  I love the curving sidewalk and what I consider to be a truly “Americana” feel to it–it’s a classic in my opinion.  But the white paint had been touched up with various shades and finishes of other white paint and the shutters were the hunter green color that was so popular about 10 years ago.  There was nothing stand out about the house. It was just one of the houses on the block and it sort of blended in.

I like to be noticed.

At least, I like to be noticed for good things.  Please do not point out to me that I was the girl that fell down the stairs in my cheerleading uniform flashing my bloomers at my high school crush.  That is not what I want to be noticed for. But a fabulous house inside and out? I’ll take that attention any day!

We set about negotiating paint colors. My husband and I rarely agree right off the bat on things like paint, flooring or lighting.  This time however, we both said blue. Imagine! It was meant to be.  At first we were going to side it, but the house still had wood siding that was in great shape.  Why put thousands into new vinyl siding when several hundred in paint could do the trick?  Plus it opened up more color options.  Any shade I could dream up, could be mixed up.

We finally decided on this blue. It’s not a true navy, but close.  It is just a smidge lighter in color than the deep dark beauty is that is true navy. I’d tell you the name, but it was a custom mix based on an old shutter sample we had.


The hubby set about painting our garden shed first.  We could decided from that if it was going to work with the green roof.  Ideally, we’d both like a metal roof but that isn’t in the budget (at least in my mind) this year when we have a perfectly good, albeit green, roof.

Here are the before and after pictures of the garden shed.  I think you can see why I fell in love.

The trim is a linen or almond color rather than a true white.  It added a softness to the building that looked much better than the stark white.  You can see the trim color already on the shed in the photo when we started painting the blue.

It was on to the big house!

In one day, with his trusty sprayer, my husband and I were able to put the first coat on.  And it was gorgeous! A second coat sealed the deal.



We added the linen trim color around the windows, the roof line, and the door trim.  The shutters got painted and rehung making the house “pop” from the front.


But nothing makes a good outfit great like the perfect accessory, right? So I painted the front door red.


I am in love! I drive by house to admire it.  I can’t get enough.


Then I circle the block and check out the back! I love this view too.


The deck color and the wire mesh we used on the deck in place of spindles makes it look so modern.  It doesn’t even look like the same place anymore!


I’m pretty sure I could just sit in the middle of the street and stare at our house.


But apparently, I need to rake!