Sweet Dreams are made of Paint

When we first moved into the new house our focus was outside projects.  We were headed into summer so get the outside taken care of and save the interior projects for the cold Wisconsin winter.  However, some projects just can’t wait.  Beginning with the master bedroom.



You know how the saying the picture doesn’t do it justice? Generally it means whatever is pictured is actually better in real life.  Well our walls were worse.  Way worse.  Like so bad that I truly could not sleep at night!

I tossed and turned.  I blamed it on too much caffeine and gave up my beloved Diet Coke ( or actually cut back–giving up is just too drastic!).

I blamed my husband for snoring or hogging the bed or cuddling and making me hot.

I blamed the melatonin I had started taking to help me sleep for causing bad dreams.  Finally, I accepted it.  It was the hideous sunny yellow paint on our walls that didn’t match a darn thing!

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary.  A place where you go to relax and unwind at the end of the day.  It should not induce nightmares.





And to make matters worse, we had taken two reading light scones and a phone jack off the wall which left patches of an even uglier peach paint which still exists in the closet.




I set about trying to decide what would be a peaceful calming color for our bedroom.  I wanted a beachy coastal feel to our new home so I thought blue would be perfect.  A shade that reminded me of the summer sky.  Of the Gulf of Mexico in our favorite vacation destination, Mexico Beach, Florida. What I came up with is called Cashmere Blue.

There are shades of blue throughout the house so I thought it would be perfect.  And I set about painting.


Much more calming, no? But our old master bedroom was shades of grey with pops of yellow.  And I’d just changed to shades of blue.  So that can only mean one thing: SHOPPING TIME!

I found a beautiful navy blue blanket for the bed. And, if you read my earlier post A Modern Fairy Tale you know that our daughter swiped the comforter off our bed.  So I thought it only fitting to get a new one for us.

I kept the pops of yellow and added a great striped throw from Ikea.

Our dog (a rescue boxer named Cash) has separation anxiety.  Basically it manifests itself as him trying to get out of the house through open windows when we are gone. Over the last year, we’ve learned to keep windows closed when we leave.  However, I didn’t realize that if he couldn’t see out the window he would do his best to rectify the problem.  I learned that tidbit when we left the shades down in the master bedroom.

He destroyed those bad boys! They were old and slated to be replaced anyway so what the heck, let’s do custom cloth shades, right? It looks easy enough on Pinterest. There are a few little details left out of the instructions I followed that would’ve been helpful to know, but overall they turned out okay.

I’ll post my own, more detailed instructions soon.  But for now, we have custom blue and white fabric shades.

IMG_5143I’m sleeping so much easier these days.  I just need to get somethings on the walls and some curtains hung on the windows to accent the shades.  No more nightmares here!