A Modern Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful young girl named Angie (like how this is starting out?).  One day Angie’s parents went to an auction and returned with a 1930s bed frame and dresser.  It was cherrywood colored with carved pieces on the headboard and footboard. And thus began Angie’s love for old furniture.


Over the years the beautiful bed and dresser endured some abuse. Angie’s sisters scratched their names in the siderail. Angie tried to refinish the bed, but did not know what she was doing so it was a refinishing flop.  Angie’s dad broke the mirror spindles on the dresser when he pulled into the garage with the dresser in the back of the truck. (Angie was always moving it seems).  But still, Angie loved that bed set.


One day Angie married.  Her Prince Charming did not share her love of old furniture.  Especially since the glue holding the dresser together had dried and the leg was coming loose.  But still Angie held tight. She would not part with the dresser or bed and tried to get creative with its uses finally relinquishing the dresser to act as a TV stand. The bed was stored in various closets so as not to draw attention to it taking up room.

Finally one day Angie’s husband wore her down and she got rid of the dresser. But not the bed.  Compromise right?

Instead, when Angie and her husband bought a new home with bigger bedrooms for the children Angie gave it to her daughter who was equally as beautiful and shared Angie’s design passion.

However, Angie’s beautiful daughter wanted a white bed.

So Angie allowed her daughter to paint the bed white.  Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy! And if paint was going to be put on that bed, Angie wasn’t going to be the one to do it.  So the beautiful daughter was sent to the basement to paint the bed.  And paint it she did.


Then while the paint on the bed dried, the beautiful daughter got to work putting her personal style touches on her bedroom.  She chose a bright blue to paint an accent wall. It was exciting, if hard work.  She occasionally bumped a wall or the ceiling where she wasn’t intending, but it’s all a learning process. Nothing Mom and a little white paint couldn’t fix.

Then they went shopping for sheets.  It was in that most wondrous land known as Target that they found the perfect ice cream sheets.  They added two new pillows to the purchase and returned home.



There was only one thing missing: the perfect comforter.  But alas, nowhere could the magical comforter be found.  Instead the beautiful daughter swiped the fluffy white comforter off her parent’s bed. (Let me just say that the perfect comforter better turn up before winter, because I’m going to be cold without my blankets!)




A flurry of work commenced.  The new mattress and box spring were delivered and placed on the newly painted bed frame. Setting it all in front of the blue accent wall the beautiful daughter proceeded to assemble, arrange, and test out her new surroundings.

Deeming them more than acceptable, she invited the royal boxer onto the bed (Did I mention that is my white quilt?!?) for a snooze.


And they lived happily ever after.  At least the beautiful daughter and boxer did.  Mom was cold and wanted her quilt back!