Crazy Week

It’s been a crazy, busy week at the Femali house.  We’ve had two track meets, gymnastics classes and just the general chaos that goes with being a family of 4 plus a crazy dog. (Seriously, he’s nuts.  But that’s another story!)

A lot of things have started, but nothing has been completed this week.  However I was very happy to find that not only do I have 3 lilac trees along my driveway, but I also have two more along the backyard fence. IMG_3184

And then we have a tree that has the largest buds on it I’ve ever seen! Anyone know what this is?  Could it possibly be my longed for Magnolia tree?





Yesterday, K decided to take her teachers some flowers.  She cut some tulips and daffodils from the yard and took them to school.  They were nearing their end, but she’s so sweet that she had to share and brighten her teacher’s day. When you reach high school kids quit doing that for their teachers, so I decided to do that for myself today.  A little bit of sweetness on my desk.IMG_3309

Nothing reminds me of childhood more than lilacs in springtime.  There was a huge lilac bush that grows on my grandparents farm.  My cousins now own the farm and I just moved further away from the farm, so it’s been many years since I’ve cut from that bush.  Instead each year I bring a mason jar of lilacs in from my own tree and little bit of being a kid on the farm in the spring comes in with them.


I’ll leave you with that bit of my childhood right there! Happy Thursday!


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