Treasure Hunt

We’ve been in the new house three days and every day is a bit like Christmas.  I never know what I’m going to find whether it’s in a box I packed, a cupboard that wasn’t emptied or behind a closet door!  My first morning here it was a frantic hunt for shoes to wear to work.  Then with the gift of “jean days” at work all week the hunt was on to figure out which box labeled “Angie” had my jeans in it–still don’t know.  I had to settle for denim capris today.  Probably tomorrow too!

As I was unloading boxes into a drawer tonight I found German coins.IMG_3117

Meanwhile outside the hubby was cutting down overgrown evergreen trees when he found a water spigot on the house.  The trees were so dense we’d have never even known it was there if he hadn’t cut those suckers down!




Then there’s the extra half foot of sidewalk we gained when he edged the walkway and removed the overgrown grass.  You can kind of see the “stripe” where the grass had been on the walkway.

Tomorrow is the driveway.  Can’t wait to see how wide the driveway really is.





But not all the treasures were a surprise.  There are beautiful old touches in the house that I knew about when we bought it.  Every door has glass knobs–Be still my heart!  Most cabinet pulls are glass as well.  Alas, the kitchen is not but I’ll be remedying that problem soon.  IMG_3113

We have a laundry chute that provides endless entertainment potential for the kids right now.  I’m sure that will wear off soon, but in the meantime the dirty laundry is not carpeting their rooms!

Some of the “treasures” were not so precious.  I’ve found crumbs and Q-tips and “old man shaving stuff” as my son called it.  The previous owner’s final cleaning of the house left a bit to be desired. But in all honesty, I’d have cleaned it again anyway so whatever, I guess.  All I can say is if you’re selling your home, give a good once over before turning the lock a final time! Your new homeowners will love you for it.


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