Last Night

We got it! We got the house after putting in another offer. Six weeks after the first rejection, we reached a mutually agreeable price with the seller.  Then it seems the universe clicked.  There was a buyer for our house, inspections, a 30 day closing date, a last minute appraisal that almost cancelled the deal and finally the “You’re clear to close” message we had been waiting for.

Now, it’s the last night in our house.  I thought I’d be more melancholy or nostalgic.  Instead I’m just exhausted.  I”m sure that will translate to tears or the blues in the next few days, but right now I just want to collapse into bed.  But, we don’t have abed here to collapse into! instead its air mattresses in the living room shared with the kids.

But before I can collapse I need to finish cleaning the kitchen and getting a little grading done.  I wish there were time to reflect.  After all, this was the first house my husband and I bought.  Our son was just 6 months old when we moved in.  Our daughter has never lived anywhere else.

J celebrated every birthday he’s had here. This was the first. (By the way, don’t ever paint your walls red! It never looked solid and was hell to cover when we changed it!)






K came home here to a proud big brother a couple years later.




I fell in love with the porch and the swing we could have on it.


And J was forever helping his Daddy build something.






Eventually we added a swing set for the kids.  From Day 1 K always adored it.












And, of course, there were first day and last day of school pictures on that porch.  This one is one of my favorites.  Don’t they look like they love each other?  It reminds me that sometimes they get along.

All of that brings us to this moment.  The last night and everyone in the house is feeling the love and memories.  But there’s the excitement in the air too.  Right now, I just need to finish cleaning the kitchen!


The next morning–Moving Day!


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