Getting Closer

The garage did increase the value of the property, but that means the price increased as well. After a misunderstanding about a showing that I thought was taking place at 8:00 AM on a Sunday morning, but that actually never happened at all (I didn’t know that a confirmation call had to come from the central office! No one told me!) our listing expired in mid November and we didn’t renew it.

But by late December I had hung out in my classroom for an extra hour to ninety minutes every night for four months of my son’s after school sports practices and was fed up. So I pushed to have the house back on the market. I had been watching a local realtor’s facebook page and was impressed with what appeared to be her aggressive marketing and high sales rate for the properties her agency took on. So we met with her on January 2 and by January 16 we were back on the market.

In the meantime I’d fallen for another house. It was “perfect”. Located just 3 blocks from school my son could walk home after practice. A good friend lived just one block away and I knew many of the families in the neighborhood. They are all great people. The icing on the cake? It was situated on 4 city lots which meant my husband could build his garage (again) and have the space he needed to store his equipment for his business.

How freakin’ adorable is this?!

The problem? The seller was asking too much. It needs new windows. It has wood siding, which means it is not maintenance free. It has a swimming pool in the backyard, but the power lines go directly over the pool! Can you say electrocution?! Still we put in what we thought was a fair and negotiable offer. The seller countered, but was high. So, we countered back. That’s how negotiation works, right? Our offer was a decent offer with no strings attached as far as credits or inspections. All that it hinged on was the sale of our home. And, it was a “bumpable” offer meaning that if the seller had another better offer and that buyer was able to close before our house sold we could be bumped. That would give us 72 hours to find away to finance the sale or lose out.

But, the seller flat out rejected our counter offer breaking my heart. So now I wait for something to happen again. I’m not sure I can take it!


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