Fast Forward

Ugh. This house selling/house hunting gig is an emotional rollercoaster! I don’t know if I can take it!

Let me catch you up. Since the last time I posted it has been 7 months. We had another showing on our house, which resulted in a lot of praise for our “gorgeous” home and big fat BUT because the floors slope in the dining room. Of course they slope– the house is 150+ years old. Everything sags after 150 years!

We built a garage to increase the potential for a sale. The old garage was not usable for anything beyond storage and housing our boat. It was not even big enough to hold both a car and the fishing boat. Plus my husband had been nagging me for 10 years to build a new garage, but I had resisted. It seemed to me where he was talking about putting the garage (which sounded like it was going to be enormous) was going to consume most of the front lawn. I didn’t want that, but I do want to move so I finally agreed.

This photo shows the old garage in the background (ignore my laundry on the line!). You can see that it was an eyesore and in need of replacing. What can I say? Sometimes my hubby is right (but don’t tell him!).





It’s hard to see but that’s my car in there! First time parking in a garage in 20 years. After 2 snowstorms and an ice storm this winter all I can think is, why did I resist? What was I thinking!? I hope that siding and a garage door plus a bit of marketing sells the house.  If nothing else, it was nice to not scrape ice!


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