House Love

It’s nerve wracking. Selling a house you love. A house that you and your husband have put your heart, your soul, your sweat, your tears and even, in some poorly aimed swings with a hammer or crowbar, your blood into. The house still works for us. What doesn’t work is the drive time and the size of our lot. We needed to move, but it’s hard to leave something that has become a part of you. That’s why as I sit here waiting to hear if we sold our house and got the house we put an offer in on, I worry that we made the right decision.

Last night I had a heart to heart with my 13 year old son and my 10 year old daughter. They reassured me that life is about change and we never know if what we’re about to do is the best choice. We have to take chances. How did they get so wise, so young?

If our offer on the lake house is accepted we’ll be downsizing by about 800 square feet. Plus, we won’t have a basement. Or the complete freedom to do as we wish on our property. We’ll be part of a Homeowner’s Association with restrictive covenants. It’s a scary leap. But if we get the lake house, we’re going to remodel and flip it. I thought it was a good time to launch a blog so that you all could follow along on our family’s adventure.

Before we get that news though, here’s a little tour of what we are leaving.



Love my gardens.  This picture doesn’t do it justice.  In full bloom, those hydrangeas produce flowers that are the size of a small child’s head!null





This room was always a little awkward because there are so many doors in it.  You can only see two, but there are four more for a total of six doorways and a window.  Hard to utilize the space, but we made it work!Don’





The master bedroom.  I hate those guns on the wall, but I guess marriage means compromise.  At least they’re not on the living room wall!



Our gorgeous bathroom.  Hubby remodeled this a couple years back.  So pretty! I love it.



Our dining room.  Hubby made me this dining table 12 years ago.  It’s 7 foot long and weighs about 6 tons! (Exaggerating obviously, but it’s heavy!)null

This is the kitchen.  The cabinets have been natural wood, then white, then black and now grey.  This is my favorite incarnation of them all.





Jack and Jill bedrooms.  Perfect when the kids were little–a bit tight now that they’re older.  We’re definitely looking for a house with bigger bedrooms.


Love that lush lawn and Hubby is proud of it! Almost looks photoshopped, but it’s the real dea!


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